2015/16 Year End Strategies – My Year End Checklist

  • Make the most of my 2015/16 ISA allowance
  • Talk to my accountant about ways to extract profits from my business at the smallest tax cost
  • Find out how the timing of dividends and bonuses could reduce my tax bill
  • Carry out a review of my pension arrangements
  • Put in place a tax-efficient gifting strategy
  • Find out the impact of accelerating disposals into the current financial year or deferring them into the next
  • Review my estate plan and my Will
  • Discuss ways of improving cash flow
  • Make sure I am offering tax-efficient staff remuneration packages
  • Send my business and personal records to my accountant in plenty of time
  • Contact my accountant regarding these and any other issues relating to my business, tax and personal financial situation.