Your Business Community (YBC) is a community group that bridges business support and networking.

By becoming a YBC member you gain unlimited access to a wide range of business services and professional advice, plus the opportunity to present your company to a new Nationwide audience.

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About YBC

Welcome to Your Business Community (YBC).

Everyone has a network of contacts within the business community made up of colleagues, suppliers, acquaintances and clients. Broadening this network is key to the ongoing success of your business and attending networking events is the ideal way to achieve this.

It’s imperative to remember that attending networking events is about making friends rather than trying to sell. Logically, when a need arises, it’s highly likely that people will choose a friend to help them. It’s also not just about the people you meet but the people they know.

In the context of networking listening is far more important than speaking. By remembering peoples’ names, and what they do, you are able to facilitate introductions within your network. Being known as someone who does this magically increases your reputation and you’ll start to see people reciprocate your generosity by introducing their contacts to you.

Attending events consistently is also highly desirable as is following up with new contacts. This will start to create trust as the journey continues. First and foremost you are your brand so delivering on promises enhances your reputation.

Networking continues in between meetings and it’s your responsibility to be on the lookout for people you can introduce to your friends. At YBC we’ve extended that further by using the expression ‘if you give us your needs we’ll turn them into leads’ which means we can then make introductions within our community.

So, if you’d like to broaden your network of contacts in a relaxed and friendly environment take a look at our events page now and book yourself the key to your future success.

Welcome to Your Business Community.

The YBC team
Ted Wigzell
Ted Wigzell
Founder of Your Business Community

Thanks for finding me.
We’d love to meet up with you in our community at one of our events.
If you’d like to chat about how we can help your business send an email or call me on the number below.

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Mia Flanagan
Mia Flanagan
Director of Your Business Community

If you have any questions about YBC services, including our networking events, exhibiting at the expos or any member benefits, get in touch.

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Our Mission

  • To offer advice, financial support and protection in the event of a member’s business coming under investigation by HMRC
  • To ensure that businesses have the professional support and advice normally only available to larger organisations or at a substantial cost, to include
    • Accounting
    • Taxation
    • Employment
    • Business Law
    • Health & Safety
  • To offer financial support protection in the event of business investigation by HMRC
  • To offer a comprehensive range of relevant business benefits, with increased features or a reduced cost
  • To bring you together with fellow members, who know and understand the issues you are facing on a daily basis
  • To contribute to improving your bottom line
  • To help our members find more clients
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