YBC Academy : 7 Content Tips to Maximise Your Reach on LinkedIn

Creating engaging content has become a priority for businesses as it is one of the most effective ways to educate your audience, strengthen your brand and raise your ranking on Google. It’s important for building and maintaining your brand image, as behind every great brand is a wealth of valuable and relevant content that helps connect you with your audience.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform not only for job seekers but also for entrepreneurs, marketers & content creators. Its professional and user-friendly platform is the perfect place to engage with potential customers and partners. In this short guide we will discuss the advantages of adding LinkedIn as one of your content channels and 7 handy tips to power-up your content marketing whilst making the writing process more efficient and impactful.

Understanding the advantages that content can bring to your business.

Build trust with your audience
Good content will help you build trust and a relationship with your customers, as they read your content they will start to connect with your brand. For example, if they find your content educational and valuable, they will think the same about your brand.

Drive traffic to your website
Your latest LinkedIn articles and posts can also double up as traffic generators for your website. Social media is one of the top 3 ways to generate traffic for your website, you can easily reference other content on your website or include links for viewers to “learn more”. It only takes a minute to see how many visitors your website has received from any of your social media channels in Google Analytics, giving you a deeper insight on your customer journey and letting you know how effective your content has been.

Insightful content can greatly improve your ranking on Google (SEO)
Content should never just sit on one platform… don’t forget to maximise your content by repurposing it on every channel, including your website. Informative and helpful writing will not only be noticed by your customers, Google is constantly indexing every article on the internet in the hope of giving its users the most relevant and detailed answers to their questions.

Note if you spend a little time writing with your audience in mind and remember to share it on your website and Google Business profile as well as LinkedIn then you should start ranking on search for the topics you cover.

It allows you to get to know your customers and start meaningful conversations
Content delivered through social media such as LinkedIn allows for feedback, discussion and creates 2 way conversations that are not possible through other marketing channels. Giving you a deeper insight of your audience and their views, which can help to build a stronger marketing funnel and create highly targeted content in the future.

Learn how to build your brand on LinkedIn with these 7 handy tips:

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