YBC Academy : Anyone Can Fly A Drone

But what are they used for these days?

Literally anyone can buy and fly a drone – they range from around £20 for a toy and to over£100,000+ for those used in Industry. All a hobby flyer needs in the UK is an ‘Operational ID’ (a drone license is about £9 for 3 years from the CAA) and the number that the CAA provide you with to be displayed on the side of the drone.

To get started safely however for all ages, I recommend doing a brief course. The recognised one is the A2C of C. It takes about 1 week to study and the exam costs around £60. This will teach you safety, things to avoid causing problems with the drone to others, losing the drone (called a fly away), breaking by-laws, aviation and airspace laws, planning flying to avoid being prosecuted and meteorological affects.

Qualified Pilots, offering Commercial services must hold relevant qualifications (called A 2CofC, GVC or PfCO) and these are required to allow them to get insurances. So when they are carrying out a project you, your business and your team have re-assurances should something go wrong – it rarely does but at least you know you have recourse in the event of injury, damage or other issues.

Aside from being fun to fly as a hobbyist, in business which I am going to focus on here, drones save
– Save Time
– Reduce Health and Safety issues
– Reduce Costs

Fundamentally a drone is a ‘data capture’ tool. Capturing either photo, video, thermal orGPS co-ordinate information (satellite location of the drone, similar to how your phone knows where it is). There are increasing uses for larger drones, to carry and deliver items large and small including ‘Covid testing kits and results in 2020ʼ and ‘Amazon deliveries in the USAʼ.

There are 4 main stages to a drone operation whether the drone flying work required is for a few hours, a day or a few weeks:

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