YBC Academy : Domain Names – The Crucial Company Asset

Alarmingly we still hear of companies being held hostage by their current online/ web or marketing agency when it comes to domain names.

Regularly we hear of domains being registered in the outsourced developers’ name or business, all account details only known by one employee or these details being only stored in a single word file on a company laptop – passwords and all!

Domain names are a vital asset for a company and great care needs to be taken to ensure you get the right ones and that you don’t lose your intellectual property (IP).
Recently there was a case of a company so nearly losing two of their domains but also didn’t realise there was a .com version available as well.

The situation wasn’t looking too clever:
– One domain was being held by a squatter
– One domain (the main one they were using) was registered to, and held by, their old web developer
– One domain was currently in ‘Expired’ mode and could have been lost within days

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