YBC Academy : How To Handle Price Negotiations


Has a prospective customer of your services ever said to you:-
“Your price is too high or can you do me a better price”?
Giving a discount in the right way, may well be the most appropriate thing to do.
Conversely, giving a discount in the wrong way, can not only lose you a sale, you could also potentially lose all possible future sales.
If you said “yes” and immediately give a discount, what do you think that person would now be thinking?
1. That you seem desperate for the sale!!
2. How much further would they/you have lowered the price or worse, maybe they should have asked you for an even bigger discount.
3. The price they/you originally offered was not the real price. Are they/you tryingto trick them? Can they really trust you?
4. If I come and buy from you next time,I’ll ask for an even bigger discount.

The problem here is that you’re not setting a very high ‘value’ for your services if you are prepared to discount so quickly, in effect you’re agreeing that your price is too high!! Another thing to consider, is that you have given something away without asking for anything in return. You’ve just created a win/lose situation.

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