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What are intellectual property rights?
Intellectual property (IP) can allow you to own things you create in a similar way to owning physical property. You can control the use of your IP, and use it to gain reward. This encourages further innovation and creativity. There are five main areas to consider.

IP, employees and third parties
The ownership of IP rights needs to be clarified – is it you or your employees? Use our checklist to avoid costly and drawn out disputes over ownership.

Designs and how to protect them
There are four different types of design rights that need to be taken into consideration. Our checklist provides guidance and will point you in the right direction and offer protection if you’re looking beyond the UK.

What a patent is and how it’s protected
Patents exist to protect things you’ve designed or made. Using our checklist will help ensure that all your hard work doesn’t end up in someone else’s hands.

Protecting your company name
To ensure maximum protection for your company’s name, you need to take a proactive approach – include it on all business correspondence and check the register at Companies House from time to time.

Database rights and protection
When you create a new database a protective right arises automatically. Keep careful records of when the database is made; protection lasts for 15 years.

What can be trade marked?
Make sure you know what protection is available before you embark on what might be an expensive and time consuming exercise.

How to protect a trade mark
There are various hoops you have to pass through to ensure your trade mark ™ is properly protected. Use our checklist to avoid any problems.

What can be copyrighted?
Copyright applies to written and musical works etc. But make sure that whatever you have in mind for copyright protection is an original.

How to protect copyright
Our checklist will help ensure you follow all the steps necessary to protect your copyright, e.g. not disclosing your idea to a third party without them first having signed a copyright agreement.

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