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Have you noticed how some people seem to achieve wealth effortlessly whilst others work just as hard but struggle financially?

When you run your own business, one of the key factors as to whether you will be successful and earn the amount of money you think you deserve, is the “setting” associated with your money mind-set, your Money Blueprint.

It is quite logical to believe that the success of your business is primarily dependent on your business skills, your knowledge and maybe your timing in the marketplace. Whilst these do play an important part in your success, your money blueprint is equally as important.

In this article, I will enlighten you about how childhood and family experiences not only shape your view of money, but can also limit your success in business.

How do you know what your Money Blueprint is?
Again and again, research has shown that regardless of the size of their winnings, most lottery winners eventually return to their original financial state, the amount they can comfortable handle.

On the other hand, self-made millionaires, if they lose all their money usually make it back within a relatively short space of time.

Why is this?

It relates to the value of their Money Blueprint.

For example, if your money blueprint is set to £50k then that is exactly what you will earn in a year. If, at some point during the year, it appears that you will earn more than this, then you are likely to sabotage any income that takes you over the £50k, so you bring yourself back to the level of your money blueprint.

Think of it like controlling the temperature in a room using a thermostat. No matter how hard you try to change the temperature by opening windows or adding extra heat, the temperature always returns to the value you have set onthe thermostat. The only way to permanently change the temperature is to change the setting on the thermostat.

How was your Money Blueprint set?
It all started when you were growing up.

Have you ever ‘heard’ yourself using phrases that your parents used, or maybe watched yourself ’doing’ things in a way that your parents or grandparents did?

This is your PROGRAMMING, it forms part of who you are, and was embedded in your memories / subconscious mind when you were growing up. A lot of what you learnt has been beneficial and helped you along your life’s journey, however, what you heard about money could be holding you back.

There are 3 ways your PROGRAMMING could have impacted your money mind-set when you were growing up, they are:
– Verbal: what you heard when you were growing up
– Modelling: what you saw when you were growing up and now copy
– Incident: An event that resulted in you associating money as a bad thing.

To demonstrate these elements, here are some examples:
Some phrases you may have heard when growing up include:
– money is the root of all evil,
– rich people are greedy.

Subconsciously these could be sabotaging your attempts to build a profitable business.

Every time the ice-cream van came along, the young girl would ask her mother for some money to buy an ice-cream. The mother’s answer was always the same “sorry dear, I don’t have any money go ask your father”.

The young girl grew up making the association that her mother and hence all women have to ask their husband for money.

As a woman, she now believes that she cannot have any money of her own, so she is unable to grow a successful business.

The young boy often heard his parents arguing about money. One day during a particularly ferocious argument the father had a heart attack.

Now the young man associates money with serious illness, so he subconsciously ignores business opportunities that are placed before him.

How do you change your Money Blueprint?
You can change your programming, by first becoming aware of it, understanding where it came from and then disassociating yourself from it.

So how do you know if your programming is affecting you? First you need to become aware of it so:
– Write down 3 things you heard, experienced or observed about money when you were growing up?

Now that you are aware of these things, you can think about them, where they came from and how they might be influencing your life and your business success today.


If you are struggling to earn more than a few pennies from your business AND
✓ you have a product or service that people are prepared to pay for,
✓ you have a plan of action to get you where you want to be,
✓ you are taking action every day to grow and manage your business,

THEN I suggest you create the following:
✓ A Financial Freedom Jar: in which you place some loose change at the end of every day.
Watching the jar fill up, will send a signal to your unconscious mind that you are getting richer!

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