YBC Academy : Promotional Merchandise

What is promotional merchandise – when should you use it and how can it help you create brand awareness for your product or brand.

Promotional branded merchandise is nothing new and in fact has been around since 1789 when a button was produced to celebrate George Washington becoming the first President of the United States. In 1886 Jasper Meek, a printer from Ohio, convinced a local shoe shop to supply bags with their name on to a local school and from there the promotional products industry was born. However it was not until the mid 1950’s that merchandise started to be used in corporate marketing and by the 1970’s companies really began realising the importance and benefits. During the 1990’s and 2000’s the industry continued to grow and companies have become ever more inventive with their use of branded products to support promotion of events, new products, gift giving and brand awareness.

What is branded promotional merchandise, – very simply, it is anything at all that you print your brand or company name onto and that gets you noticed.

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