YBC Academy : Public Speaking

Public Speaking Defined:
Public Speaking is simply communication to an audience primarily through structured speech. Communication through public speaking usually seeks to inform, persuade, motivate and, or entertain the audience. Public speaking is one of the most powerful tools of effective communication, yet one of the most feared. However it is also one of the most needed and relevant skills for leaders, entrepreneurs, business persons, and people wanting “influence,” to have.

Types of Public Speaking
Public speaking can be seen as:
• Oratorical, for example those given at graduations by valedictorians.
• Motivational Speech which influences the audience to take action.
• Debate, where the speaker justifies his/her points by presenting logical argument to support them
• Special Occasions, for example, the Best Man speech at a wedding
• Forensic, which is typically a public speaker in training

The Importance of Public Speaking:
Public speaking skills are important to build connections and maintain relationships in the speakers’ personal lives and careers. It aids with progression in personal and professional lives; and is a key to affecting decisions and changes in favour of the speaker.

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