YBC Academy : So you have a website … what next?

So you have your website. It looks great and you have checked it all works exactly as you wanted it to. What do you do now?

There are three fundamental things you need to consider when it comes to moving your online presence forward:
– Protect
– Update
– Promote

It is possible that your website designer has already installed various security add-ons that will help you with giving you as much protection as possible from hackers. It is important to understand why hackers try and access your website. To be clear from the start, they are not interested in the content of your website, so put out of your mind the idea that your website is not interesting to hackers because they aren’t interested in your business. Most hackers use automated systems to locate administration log in pages of websites and then use the same automated system to try multiple different usernames and passwords to try and gain access. In the main they are doing this for three reasons. Firstly, to try and redirect any traffic you have to your website to a website they own which will be selling something or have malicious code that could be downloaded. Secondly, to use the email server in your hosting package to send emails promoting their products or viruses; and thirdly, just to show they can hack websites and leave their signature. The add-ons you should consider for your website will vary depending on the website CMS software that has been used to create your website, but as a guide you should;

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