YBC Academy : So You Want To Have A Website

So you have created your business and know you need an online presence to help support and grow your business. How do you get started, what do you need to make the process as smooth, secure and professional as possible?

There are three fundamental things you require to achieve your goal of having an online presence:
– A domain name
– A hosting package
– A website

Domain Names
The first and most important thing to say about domain names is that it is crucial that you purchase your own domain name. Do not let anybody else purchase it on your behalf no matter how easy it is to do or how simple it makes the whole process. Anybody who owns a domain has the ability to sell it, close any website on the domain down or redirect the domain to another website. Letting somebody else purchase your domain is similar to giving that person the keys to your office or the password to your office PC.

What do you do if you are already in this position? Well the best solution is to visit the following website, https://who.is/ . Type in your domain name and search for the results. In the results section, look for the details of the registrar. This is the business where your domain has been purchased. Go to that registrar’s website and create your own account with them and then contact the person who bought the domain name for you and ask them to transfer the domain to your account. It is easiest and quickest if you have an account with the registrar, as this makes the transfer an internal one which is simpler to process.

Here are some other things you should consider when purchasing your domain name:

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