Blog For YBC And Increase Your Exposure

Guest blogging can grow your online efforts into something sought-after, authoritative, and even profitable and all YBC Premium Members can now blog on our site for free.

Over the past few months we have allowed a handful of members submit their own articles, covering a range of interesting subjects, to be displayed on our website.  We are happy to announce that we are now opening this up to all of our Premium Members.

Why Should I Write Something And Put It on YBCs Website?

Guest blogging is about spreading your knowledge into other areas of your target market to increase your reach and build a reputation for subject matter expertise.

It can

  • help you build relationships with other members and potential clients
  • Introduce you to new people, increasing your network
  • Increase your exposure on the internet and in search engines.
  • be considered as free advertising

If you want to contribute, just let us know and we will enable the blogging menu, visible when you login.  You will then be able to create your blogging profile, that can contain details about you, your contact details, social media links etc.  There is also a blogging guide and full instructions available in the menu.

The content must not be a sales pitch or be a cut and paste from elsewhere/someone else and we will need to approve it before it is published.

A selection of blogs will also be featured on the weekly member newsletter, increasing your exposure even further.  

Finally, if you are not convinced, here is an infographic that might help.