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Friday, 28 September 2018 12:04

I’m Not Donald Trump But...

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I’m not Donald Trump but, trust me, if you are running a small business you are being bombarded by fake news. Fake news in your inboxes and fake news on your social media timelines.

Unlike others, I’m prepared to back up my claim. There are over 5 million people running their own businesses with around half of them not paying themselves the living wage. This fact has brought a huge amount of predators into the arena.

Every day there are promises of untold wealth, unlimited leads and how to live the life you deserve. It all boils down to ‘buy my stuff’.

Sadly many small business owners get snared because they are looking for the silver bullet to get them out of their predicament. Money that they can ill afford to spend goes into the pockets of these predatory snake oil sales people.

So, how do you avoid becoming a victim of these charlatans? One way is to become part of a community where you can get to trust people. You might not buy their stuff and they might not buy yours but getting second opinions is invaluable.

As the old saying goes if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Your Business Community (YBC) is one such community. Our members pass referrals between one another and see their profits grow. They can meet face to face at our get-togethers or network in our online groups.

Why does it work?

If a member messes up once their reputation is shot and they won’t get any more business from fellow members.

New members often remark that joining feels like joining a network of friends and, in a nutshell, that’s what networking is. If you don’t go with the ‘buy my stuff’ mentality and just try to make friends with people isn’t it logical that, when the need arises, people do business with their friends.

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