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A recent event organised by Facebook to help businesses boost their social media presence gave me a brilliant opportunity to meet some of the inspirational military veterans I’ve been liaising with by email. Aside from the interesting stuff about Facebook and Instagram that was discussed,I learned quite a lot about the sex life of bees... 
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You may have realised that social media is powerless without content, so your attention has now turned to blogging. Blogging pays off when done correctly.
You may have realised that social media is powerless without content so your attention has now turned to blogging. But how can you find what to blog about? Blogging pays off when done correctly and by correctly I mean to write what people want to read and secondly to write it in a way that will boost your visibility in Google. It’s also imperative to plan well to be effective at blogging. But even the best writers can tell you that they have writers’ block now and again.
Monday, 29 January 2018 09:57

How to avoid being annoying on LinkedIn

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to connect with another social media consultant. I’m usually happy to link up online with other people in my field as it’s great to be able to share ideas and – occasionally – concerns, and have meaningful discussions about the digital media marketing world. Also, there’s always the chance of cross-referrals if one person is too busy to take on new clients, so it’s good to have other people to recommend. But very quickly, a problem arose...  
If one of your business resolutions for 2018 was to up your game on the social media front, here are three of my favourite tools to help you on your way. They'll give you a kick-start to achieving your goal in an easily manageable way.