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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 11:58

Increase in Statutory Rates April 6th 2019

The government announces increases in statutory rates every April.  I have set out the new rates effective April 6th below
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Quite often the Employment & HR Advisors on the YBC Helpline get the above query coming up especially where the employee has moved on to work for a competitor. 
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 13:57

Are You Ready For Christmas?

With the Christmas party season soon to be upon us I thought it would be a good time to reissue the normal precautionary advice to employers.
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In my previous blog I concentrated on the decision to abandon Tribunal fees following the Supreme Court ruling as a quick note.   Now I have had a chance to look at the ruling in more detail, this email re-iterates some of the last and adds in more tips for you on how to proceed with an employee’s claim.
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The Court of Appeal on March 1st  refused British Gas permission to appeal to the Supreme Court in the holiday pay case of British Gas v Mr Lock. "The Working Time Regulations  are properly to be read purposively to give effect to the CJEU ruling in Lock which means holiday pay must take into account overtime and commission earnings."
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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 10:24

Employees – they aren’t really are they?

Recently two cases occurred where “employees” have sought clarification from employment tribunals of their actual status. In both cases, based on the facts not the paperwork, the tribunals have found the claimants were workers not subcontractors.
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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 22:37

April Deadline For New Law On Legal Highs

How should employers deal with substance abuse at work?
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The modern workplace is one that is littered with regulations, laws and barriers to what used to be considered normal working practices. While there will be many employees who hanker for the good old days of how work used to be carried out, there is no doubt that the vast majority of workplace regulations have changed the working environment for the better.
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