Business Opportunties

There are well over 5,000,000 small businesses in the UK, well over 90% of which are sole traders/self employed.

It is estimated that less than 10% of these businesses are members of an organistation or group that offers protection and support of any kind.

Not only does this mean that a vast majority of businesses do not have a voice, but, they have a massive exposure to business threats and liabilities and can be missing opportunities to make great savings and gain new business. This leaves a massive membership opportunity for these organisations.

Your Business Community is the fastest growing business support group, focused on supporting and protecting all of the UK’s small businesses and helping them increase profitability and grow sales.

With dramatic growth in London and the South East, we are now looking at taking our benefits further across the country (we do already have members across the UK) and need help in making this happen.  We have a proven process to attract members, however, the best results are always delivered on a 1:1 basis.

Become A Regional Partner

Regional Partners look after parts of the UK, building their own team of Member Managers, ensuring that there is a long term revenue stream.

A great opportunity to build your own long term business.

Become A Member Manager

Member Managers are our face in the local business community.  Unlike other organisations, Member Managers are not only responsible for recruiting new members, but also retention, grass roots marketing and exposure.

How YBC Helps You Grow

Since launch, we have built a massive database of businesses across the UK, all of which have been ‘touched’ by us, so we have the ability to immediately switch on a pipeline of potential members.  We can also help you make better use of any existing database you may have.

We also offer our team additional ways of creating revenue.

For more information, please contact us on 0333 358 3399.