Business Development

The Path to Success

The tradition of making a New Year’s Resolution is commonplace throughout the Western Hemisphere but also exists in the Eastern Hemisphere. Resolutions are normally about personal improvement such as weight […]

Why should I blog in 2016?

Being visible in relevant web searches is the easiest way to achieve this. Most people use the internet as a vehicle to search for information. Essentially blogging turns that on […]

Holiday Pay Yet again

Surprisingly enough there are 4 types of holiday Leave granted by the working time regulations driven by the EU working time directive Type A 20 days Extra leave granted by […]

My Expo Experience

The Excel expo is a big exhibition. Hundreds of exhibitors and an estimated 25,000 visitors over the two days. The cost of a stand at such an event would normally […]

Catching Customers – why small businesses need to have Sales Skills

But guess what? A lot of the time, the setting up part is relatively easy (OK, I’m going to explain, don’t shoot me yet!). When you are caught up in […]

Finding New Customers

Finding new customers – Post Covid  


I think we are all aware of the issues with our Education System and with the Centralised Banking Systems. The school system does not teach independent thought, you are taught […]