Contributor Guide

This guide has been written to not only instruct community bloggers on how to use the system, but also to supply some guides on how to write an effective blog.

Please note that your blog cannot be self promoting or advertising.  We have a marketplace & events pages to host these communications.  This area is for you to show your knowledge & skills, allowing you to be seen as an expert in your area and attract relevant interest.


The First Steps

  1. After registering, you should automatically obtain Contributor status, however, for ongoing security and anti spam reasons we may suspend this from time to time.
  2. If you cannot see the Contributor menu options (in the left column), please email and let us know or call 0333 358 3399
  3. You will also see new options in the main Blogs menu.

About Me – Biography

  1. This is your window to self promote, however, it is not a place for blatant advertising
  2. This is different to your community profile
  3. To update your biography
    1. login
    2. Under the Blogs menu option go to Contributor Info
    3. Enter a brief biography in the Personal Details/Description box
  4. Your biography should include
    1. a brief summary of who you are, what you do and why you are qualified to make the blog – just a few lines
    2. your social media & general contacts
  5. Your photo will be taken from your profile
  6. Please do not use this as a blatant advert for your business, but to ‘prove your expertise’.


Adding Your Content

  1. When logged in, under the Blogs menu option go to Create Content (will open new window)
  2. Do not cut/paste copy from a Word document as it contains a lot of hidden formatting code that can affect the way your article is formatted and displayed.
  3. Fill out the fields in the form, as follows:
    1. Title – as it says!  Make it as appealing as possible
    2. Title alias (URL) – leave empty (it will automatically fill when you save)
    3. Category – select the best heading for where you want your article to be saved
    4. Tags – enter in a few important keywords which will help site searching and SEO
    5. Featured – Leave at No
    6. Published – Leave at Yes
    7. Content – In the Intro box, add the first line or two of your article – the hook.  This is what will be seen in any summary or listing, so it should be as punchy and attention grabbing as possible.
    8. Add the rest of the article in Fulltext area
    9. When writing your blog article, if you have any paragraph titles/headings, you can highlight them by using Paragraph/Heading 2 or 3, from the drop list in the editor menu.  If you miss this, we will pick it up during the approval process.
    10. Images – Above the Introtext box are some tabs.  Select Image and upload your article image.
      Copyright for the images must be obtained before uploading anything – you will be responsible for any third party action that may be taken in relation to a breach of copyright rules.
    11. Once all is complete, click Save in the top right of the screen

Once completed, site editors will be emailed and your contribution will be processed.

Please note that

  • all contributions are reviewed before publication
  • publication of your contribution may be delayed to fit in with our schedule, to reduce the opportunity of clashing and overlapping with other articles, increasing exposure of your item.
  • blatant promotions and links off of the YBC site will either be removed or your contribution might not be published.