Employment Dispute Protection & Support

Due to a change in regulations in 2017, employment tribunal claims have increased by 90%, putting employers under additional financial and psychological strain.

In 2017/18, awards against employers averaged between £5,000-£31,000, depending on the type of claim (the biggest was £415,000) and took an average of 6 months to process through the tribunal system.  Could you manage this disturbance to your time and bank balance?

The best way to avoid ending up in a tribunal is to get the right advice and have a good set of employment documents in place (contracts, employee handbooks, etc), all of which is available as part of YBC membership.  However, if you do end up with a dispute, members can have the peace of mind that they have a professionally qualified and experienced team behind them and their costs covered.  Even if you lose the tribunal, your membership will cover the cost of any award made against you.


Telephone Support Line: 0333 358 3677


It is imperative that you contact the support line for advice and guidance if you have had any contact from HMRC or other entity that may result in any further action.

Failure to make contact and follow any advice given may result in invalidation of claims.


Telephone Support Line: 0333 358 3677