Best Tube To- YBC Virtual Expo

Best Tube To

Do you like music? Would you like to possibly win £1,000? Would you like help a small section of our community? – street musicians. Do you have £1?

We have turned our company web site over to presenting nearly four hours of musical performances.
It is an eclectic mix of Blues and Country to Rock and Reggae with a touch of the classical and even a couple of good old London singalongs in the mix.
This project is a great way of seeing our beautiful capital city and listening to some amazing artists.

And out of the 60 videos two of the artists are in front of the same world famous landmark.
Pay your £1 and tell us which two and you may win this prize.

Good luck and enjoy the music. We do.

Category: Music video
Best Tube To - YBC Virtual Expo
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