My name is Tracy Braniff and I’m a qualified accountant. I have the best part of 25yrs working in NHS – I made the decision to go it alone when I identified that helping others get what they want was something I was quite good at and to be perfectly honest whilst I was very successful in the NHS I didn’t really fancy working long hours until I was 67yrs and 8 months!! I also begrudged the fact that I would not be able to leave my hard earned pension to my children. I was fortunate to have been involved with a company discovered that they were, amongst other things, experts in developing a passive income. I’m hard working, enthusiastic consistent and determined which seemed to fit the bill So I got to work! If you can relate to this and willing to commit a few hours a week then it’s time to chat ! Something I’m also very good at ! Look forward to chatting…

Category: Business Opportunity
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