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I came across Forever Living Products by chance during a visit to the Ideal Home exhibition in 2015. I had never heard of them before and, when I approached their stand, I was approached by an extremely helpful woman who asked me whether I had any health challenges. My reply was yes but that they were under control. We exchanged contact details and I moved on.

A few weeks later the woman gave me a follow-up call and I know I responded somewhat sceptically. In the next few months, I started to use some of their products and had to visit my doctor because I was experiencing dizzy spells. One of my health challenges was high blood pressure but now it was low which was causing the dizziness. My doctor changed my prescribed medication and when I returned for reviews in the coming weeks, I felt much better.

I visited my chemist to get my new medication and, when he looked at my prescription, he remarked that it had changed. He asked me what had happened to cause this change and I said I am taking Aloe Vera Gel. He told me he had been looking for this very product for his 6-year-old daughter but could not find it in the supermarkets or health shops and that he also wanted a cream.

I had both products at home, and he became my first client. I have not looked back, and I continue to take my Aloe Vera Gel daily as well as supplying my clients. I have also discovered it aids my digestion and I am able to absorb nutrients in my food. It also supports my immune health as Aloe Vera has natural vitamins and minerals. It looks after my skin, hair, and nails too.

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