Irrefutable Health

As Clinic Director I extend 2 offers.

First, virtual private health visits, selecting from 9 different types of care to sort out your health. We work with your existing at-home technology to maintain social distance, with no demand of travel times, costs and hassles. At-home labs, when required, are sent with expediency through the post and your results, individualised treatment plan and status tracking your improvements can be seen 24/7 though your personal online portal. On-camera sessions and secure messaging keep you in secure contact with your chosen health care who can also work collaboratively with other providers saving you the headache of starting all over again with new practitioners. It’s a collaborative, caring community.

Second, As Clinic Director, I am committed to help entrepreneurial people (clinical or non-clinical) to understand what it takes to duplicate or independently replicate this working virtual clinical model. There is no drive to work, clients can be global, and you choose your own hours. It’s a Virtual Ecosystem; Practitioners share a % of income to their support team. Three roles, practitioner/practice nurse, backend administration, social media/ marketing. If COVID has you in a career change state and think you may have all or part of what it takes, contact me.

Category: Health & Wellness
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