Weekend Witch Social media

Weekend Witch Social Media

The world may have turned into some kind of sci-fi theme park ride, but social media continues to thrive. So this is the perfect time to update both your marketing strategy and your social media profiles.

Most business owners love what they do and are very good at it. Telling the world about it is often a different story. Using social media to market your products or services takes time and effort at the best of times – right now it can be totally overwhelming.

Even with more time on your hands, you may lack the knowledge, skills or inclination to be effective on social media. That’s why I’m here. I’ll take away the headache of on-line marketing by either coaching you to be better at social media, or looking after it for you.

In this challenging climate I’m offering four management packages, plus 121 Skype or Zoom coaching sessions. What will you choose? Create a strategy, brand your channels or update your all-important LinkedIn profile?

Let’s focus on what your business needs right now, during lockdown – and then for the brighter future that’s surely ahead!
To find out more, go to either www.weekendwitch.com or www.imaginativetraining.com or email info@imaginativetraining.com.

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Weekend Witch Social media
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