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There have been so many comments from people who have fallen through the holes in the various compensation schemes that we are left feeling that this is not an economic crisis but more a humanitarian crisis.

We estimate that there are around 2 million people who won’t receive any help whilst their livelihood crumbles. There are already reports of thefts of food taking place and sadly this will very likely increase as people become more desperate to feed their families.

People that are newly self employed aren’t covered and neither are directors of small limited companies who are effectively self employed too. There has been no provision made for the charitable sector either which, in itself, will have a large impact on vulnerable people. Predictably charitable donations are way down too.

We’ve said previously that most MPs have little or no understanding of what it’s like to run your own business and the announcement last Friday emphasised that point entirely. It is simply unacceptable that, under current plans, so many people will be left destitute with nowhere to turn. What’s more, when this crisis is over, for many there won’t be a business to go back to either.

If this sector is left ‘economically isolated’ there is the potential for a devastating growth in mental health issues, an increase in suicides as well as abject poverty. The consequences of this don’t bear thinking about.

Ireland have introduced a universal living wage for everyone and this is something we advocated the UK doing last week. At an unprecedented time like this it’s not about what you earn but about what you need.

We urgently need to make MPs and journalists aware of our position and have now started a Twitter account called Fairness4SelfEmployed. I’m going to add this post to the blog section of our website and post a link to it on Twitter and I’ll be tagging the chancellor and PM. Please follow us if you use Twitter, if you use it, and Retweet. We’re determined to not let this matter rest.

Together we are stronger!