How to use exhibitions to grow your business, gain new clients and maximise your ROI & ROE

There is no doubt about it. Exhibitions work. And by planning a few simple activities before, during and after each event, they work even harder.


Exhibitions & events are for people with a real passion, be it business, leisure, or lifestyle related.

It is an industry driven by exhibitors. what you put in, you will reap the rewards in terms of what you get out. As simple as that may seem there are a few basics steps that you need to take to assure your success.

As an Exhibitor it’s one of the best sources of connecting intimately with yours customer’s passion whilst creating measurable sales.
The  How to use Exhibitions to grow your business workshop will provide in an interactive engaging environment with steps you need to succeed when you make that decision to become an Exhibitor.

The workshop is run by one of our Members Marcelle Batson-Warner has a real passion for excellence and helping people to be the best that they can be and identify and achieve their personal and business goals.

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