Increase Your Exposure By Blogging On The YBC Website

More and more YBC Premium Members are asking how to contribute content on our website, understanding the benefits of blogging and how it can help grow your business.

A major, but underused, benefit of being a Premium Member of YBC is the ability to contribute informative articles to the site. 

Apart from imparting information to fellow members and the world, blogging tells everyone i.e. potential customers, that you are an authority on a particular subject.  The more you blog, the more authority you portray!

By writing great content and having a concise contributor profile (giving a line or two about you and your contact/social media details) means that search engines spot you more, which improves you and your website’s (if linked in the profile) position. 

We will not go into the science of blogging SEO as there is lots available on the internet, however, we will shortly be providing a guide as to how to blog effectively – watch this space!

As a Premium Member, if you want to contribute, let us know be emailing and we will confirm your status and instruct you how to proceed.