Introducing E-goi, Our Latest Member Benefit Provider

When communicating via modern channels, it is important that you use every tool available to maximise exposure and returns.

Sending lots of emails to clients via your desktop client is a great way to reduce the chances of success.  It is now possible to create sophisticated programs where you send out an email and, depending on what the reader does (or does not do) a series of actions can be created to increase engagement, leading to happier readers, more clients and increased sales.  You can also tie emails, texts faxes and calls together to create a multichannel campaign.  

Following feed back and requests from members, we have looked at all major providers of email marketing platforms to be a member benefit and are proud to have chosen E-goi, one of the fastest growing and dynamic players in this market.

YBC Premium Members can sign up to the E-goi platform and build a list of up to 10,000 subscribers and then send them unlimited messages for free.  This is a saving of £480 a year and is the best deal available anywhere

But that is not all!  Free Members can also sign up to gain access to a level allowing 5,000 subscribers and unlimited emails, for free, saving £276 a year.  Again, this is far better than any other service provider or business support community offers.

For more information on this offer and for members to register for this powerful benefit, please click here.