Been Advised Your Roof Needs Replacing? Does it? (25% OFF for YBC Members)

Look! Before You Pay For A Replacement Roof or Repairs

  • The average cost to put up scaffolding for a 3 bedroom house is £1,000-2,000 per week
  • The average cost to replace the roof of the same sized house is £9,000-£15,000

And there are many fine roofers who will do a great job checking and replacing the roof for you. BUT there are many who are unscrupulous and will convince you to do so, when the work doesn’t need doing! (This happened to a customer of mine recently costing them £16,000 that they didn’t need to spend, at all!)

There’s A Way of Checking

I can view your roof, guttering, soffits, fascias, skylights, pointing, flashing, etc. from the sky, whether it is residential or commercial premises, and capture accurate images including close ups, of areas that need repairs, or debunk the need for such works, all in a morning for a house and a day for a larger business premises.

The drones we fly have high specification cameras and thermal imagery (useful to spot potential leak causes or loss of heat from your roof), which I then use to provide you with a written annotated report. This can be shown to your builder, roofer and/or insurance company (in the case of a damaged roof or leak they can then ONLY focus on the areas that need repairing).

This can save you money, not only to just get the work that you DO need, but to identify early on areas that, if repaired, reduce the future cost you may face.

Fully Qualified and Insured

My team and I are all qualified drone pilots – accredited by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and insured for both Public Liability and Public Indemnification insurances to carry out drone work commercially. Our pre-checks will identify how, when and if we can fly in your area and we ensure that your neighbours are notified in advance so that they are content about what’s going on.

We are vetted and proud to be Members of Checkatrade

Call Us BEFORE You Agree To Roof Repairs

We service the NE London, Hertfordshire and Essex areas for residential roof surveys and for multiple houses in an area or larger commercial surveys we can discuss our availability. Please feel free to book me in for a chat and see how I may help you:

Book me in for a meeting here

Call me on 07771 682929 or Email me on

Take A Virtual Reality Tour of Our Other Services

No ordinary website but a virtual reality site that shows what else my team and I can do or have done so far….there are examples and videos, walkthrough a hotel in Waltham Abbey (virtually). If you or your children have any 3D Goggles they will make the experience even more immersive. Hold on to a chair, it is VERY realistic!

Other Services We Offer: Videos, 360 Virtual Reality Walkthroughs, Land Surveying, 3D Point Cloud



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