Business Banking Account

Business Banking Account

Open your account in 5 minutes and get your sort code & account number immediately


Not having a bank account can stop your business in its tracks. Getting a bank account, for some, can be a difficult task.

YBC has helped to develop a banking account product aimed at all businesses, whether you are self employed, a limited company, partnership, Charity/CIC etc, starting a business or just part time.

The YBC Business Banking Account is the ideal alternative to High Street business bank accounts. It does nearly everything that traditional bank accounts do, so you can use it as your main business bank account.
A great alternative to a business bank account with no credit check

Let us take the complexity of High Street banks out of your life with a solution that works in the same way as a traditional business banking account, but lets you focus on what’s important – growing your business!

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to a sole trader bank account, a limited company bank account or a partnership account, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the value for money we offer.

You’ll be able to make and receive payments in a variety of ways and you’ll be eligible for some fantastic account extras, including currency cards and online banking.

Member Offer – 100 Free Transactions

You deserve a better alternative to business banking that’s simple and low cost

  • Online setup in minutes
  • 99%+ immediate acceptance rate
  • Perfect for any size business
  • No credit check to open
  • A versatile alternative to a business bank account, with no credit checks to open an account
  • Categorise your transactions to make accounting easier
  • You can even attach files (e.g. receipts) and add comments to transactions to help with expense management.
  • Hassle free alternative to High Street small business banking
  • Send invoices direct to your clients from the account

The YBC Business Banking Account works in much the same way as a High Street business bank account:

  • Send and receive bank transfers and pay in cash
  • Set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • The account will be in your business’ name
  • Register the account for Merchant Services & with HMRC

Run this as your main business bank account – it does nearly everything a high street account does except and issue cheques.

You’ll be able to invoice clients in your business’ name, with your business name also being displayed on the Business MasterCard® that comes with the account.

You’ll be able to send and receive bank transfers and set up Standing Orders & Direct Debits.

Member Offer – 100 Free Transactions

For more information, when logged in, Members click here.

Apply for a great value business account now

Apply for your alternative to a traditional business bank account today.

Once approved, you’ll receive your Account and Sort Code numbers and your card within 3-5 working days. It’s that simple!

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