Card Merchant Cash Advance

Card Merchant Cash Advance

Up to £100k working capital in 24 hours!

YBC Card Merchant Cash Advance is a flexible and easy alternative to bank loans. Our application process takes minutes, we don’t require security or business plans, and you will get a decision in under 24 hours.

Get between £3,500 and £100,000 of funding in days!

  • Simple Application
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • Decision within 24 hours
  • No Security or business plans required
  • Flexible Repayments
  • Ongoing Access to Additional Funds

How it Works
With a Merchant Cash Advance, we’ll advance you between £3 500 and £100 000 for any of your business’ requirements. The advance is then repaid by paying us an agreed percentage of your credit and debit card sales (typically between 5% and 20%). You keep 100% of your cash sales. Repayments are automatically processed and hassle-free.

Because repayments are linked to your card sales, you only repay the advance when you make sales to your customers, so you pay less in quiet months, and more in better months, but importantly the total repayment amount remains the same irrespective of the length of time it takes to repay. We only get paid when you get paid.
It’s that simple!

Businesses We Help
From restaurants and pubs to shops, hotels, garages and equipment hire companies, a merchant cash advance from 365 Business Finance can be used by almost any business that accepts credit and debit card payments from customers

Bank Loans vs Merchant Cash Advance

Interest rates and fees One clear, all-inclusive
fee for the duration of
advance. No admin
charges. No interest.
No late fees.
Interest charged according
to the length of time
loan is outstanding.
Admin charges and late
fees payable.
Repayment Period Flexible repayment
period depending on
your sales (typically
the advances are
repaid in 5 to 10
Fixed repayment
Repayment Amount Flexible repayment
amount depending on
your business’
performance (you
repay a % of your card
Fixed repayments
irrespective of
underlying business
Security required? None In most cases
Business plans required? No Yes
Pre-Approval Within 24-48 hours Normally weeks
Funding Within Days Normally weeks
Access to additional Funding? Eligible for additional
advance when 70% of
the advance is repaid
In most cases, the
original advance has to
be fully repaid

Access to finance is a problem for many businesses and this modern alternative to conventional funding has helped many businesses grow within their means.

YBC Member Benefit
Up to £150 cashback on all approved cash advances.

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