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Email, SMS, Voice, Fax, Forms and Social Media

landing multicanal videoofWhen communicating via modern channels, it is important that you use every tool available to maximise exposure and returns.  Sending lots of emails to clients via your desktop client is a great way to reduce the chances of success.  It is now possible to create sophisticated programmes where you send out an email and, depending on what the reader does (or does not do) a series of actions can be created to increase engagement, leading to happier readers, more clients and increased sales.  You can also tie emails, texts faxes and calls together to create a multichannel campaign.  


The company we are working with is E-goi, who offer possibly the most comprehensive marketing platform available, for an exceptional price, but, with an amazing benefit for YBC members.

Why should you choose E-goi?

  • Easy to understand and use system, making your marketing job easier
  • Create powerful and creative marketing messages quickly and easily.
  • Send messages from a reliable proven provider with a greater chance of them being delivered to your targets
  • Connects to lots of third party software, sitebuilders and services, integrating with platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Salesforce and many others
  • Create powerful campaigns, automated processes, landing pages and more!

In addition to the massive list of email features, E-goi can also improve your marketing with SMS, social media, forms, surveys, faxes and smart phone push messages!

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What Can You Do With E-goi?

Email, SMS, social media, voice calls, fax and RSS, all in a single online software!


Email marketing made super easy! Get the ball rolling with our free newsletter templates, track your results and don't forget to go social. The cherry on top? You'll be using the best email editor in the world!

Import your contacts, type in your text, send it out the door and check the results. Mobile marketing with E-goi is simplicity in itself.

  Smart SMS
Learn who is actually reading your texts and use them to display pics, forms and videos! It's time to take CONTROL of the KAOS in your SMS marketing!

Behavioural marketing in your app - Engage your iPhone or Android app users with relevant, highly targeted messages.

  Autobots / Marketing Automation
Automate your marketing and easily create any autoresponder or sales funnel combining email, SMS, voice calls, faxes and push messages!

Forms and Surveys
Just the thing to organically grow your database! E-goi comes complete with ready-made form/questionnaire templates and contents for you to easily edit and add to your site or Facebook page.

  Social Media
Drive word-of-mouth with viral marketing and social sharing, including Facebook, Twitter and other networks.
Voice Broadcasts
How about calling your clients up on a special occasion (eg. their birthday) with a pre-recorded yet personalised audio message? Just one of the cool things you can do with E-goi's interactive voice broadcast campaigns.
E-goi allows you to quickly send large fax volumes with your own custom sender and detailed delivery reports.



Who Else Uses E-goi?

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YBC Member Benefit - Save £408 per year

Register up to 10,000 email addresses and send them unlimited messages - normally £34.00 per month.

Logged in Members click here to get more information and register for your E-goi account.

Plus, YBC members will also get access to an exclusive series of video tutorials and webinars, ensuring that you get the most out of the platform, increasing your responses and, ultimately, growing your business.


Not a member?  Click here to join now.




Email & Multichannel Marketing Platform



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