Member Guidelines For Posting Events

YBC Members can use our events system to promote their own events, another way of increasing exposure and growing your business.

Whilst this is a benefit open to all Members, we do have some guidelines:

  • Members can only post events that they have organised. No third party events are allowed.  If in doubt, contact the YBC team.
  • The only link allowed for the event is to a relevant third party booking page or information page.
  • The booking link is only to be placed in the ‘External Booking Link’ area
  • No links to the standard webpages or third party sites allowed.
  • YBC reserves the rights to edit/amend the event to meet editorial requirement
  • No affiliate links allowed
  • Please add a logo or image of the event to make it stand out, otherwise the YBC member logo will be shown

To post an event:

  • When logged in, visit the Event menu drop down at the top of the page and click ‘Add An Event’
  • Enter the following details
    • Event Title (make this as punchy and interesting as possible)
    • Event category – please ensure that you only chooseYBC Members Event’
    • Add a description – please do not copy and paste from a Word document as this can cause issues when displayed and with search engine visibility.  Ensure you also include a link to booking your ticket, if necessary.
    • Add the event location – if the venue has been promoted before, the name will appear as you start typing it in.  If your venue is not included in the list, please leave blank and email ‘’ and we will add it on the system.  We will also update your event.
    • Insert the booking link into ‘External Booking Link’.  Note:  if you have a recurring event, please add a link to a covering page, not an individual event page.
    • In the ‘Standard Image 1’ box, you can upload any specific event logos you may have.  Do not load any other image or logo, as it will be removed and your event listing may be cancelled.
    • Add the event title and date in the Meta Description box
    • In the Meta Keywords box, add in any words or phrases, separated by commas, that people may use in search engines to look for your type of event.
  • Leave all other boxes empty.
  • Click the second tab ‘Calendar’ (next to ‘Common’) enter the start and finish times of the event.
  • At the top of the page, click the green ‘Save’ button.  If you get a warning pop up re the event clashing with something else, tick the box and click ‘Continue’.
  • The event will the be sent to the moderation team for approval.

On approval, the event will be tweeted on the YBC feed, #YBCuk, and, depending on the volumes and timings of other events, may also be included in the YBC weekly member newsletters.