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When someone's just replicated your product, what you should do first is get on the phone and show 'em whom they're messing with.

Competition is usually considered a positive thing for an industry. It forces you to continue to improve and gives your customers more options. But, what happens when the competition starts mimicking exactly what you’re doing?

Do you have a plan for handling copycats? Your success will largely be dictated by how you respond in the midst of fierce competition.

The threat of copycats

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as the old  saying goes. But, while that may be true in certain areas of life, it’s hardly reassuring when it happens in the business world. All that imitation says in that context is that someone else is out there trying to latch onto an idea or niche that you’ve spent months or years building.

Authors: Anna Johansson

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