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How do you create that positive work culture?

Every working environment is different. Whether you’re on your feet all day or sat in a chair tapping away at a keyboard, there are certain qualities that make somewhere a great place to work.

These qualities are often different depending on who you are speaking to; it might be the flexibility of remote working, or the fresh fruit on offer; it could be the ability to bring your dog to work or the monthly social events which bring you together with colleagues.

Ultimately, though, the ability to create a great working environment for every single employee lies in your ability as a business leader to ensure team members feel appreciated for the work they do. It doesn’t matter if you run a drycleaner’s or a call centre, if your employees feel undervalued then you will not unlock their full potential. As a study from Warwick University found, happy employees are 12 per cent more productive on average. The business benefits of engaging your workers speak for themselves.

Authors: Ben Lobel

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