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People who don't understand the basics of how people get along will never lead a successful team.

Young companies are only as good as the people who run them. For businesses with strong founders, that’s great news -- for others, not so much.

A bad founder doesn’t have to remain bad forever, though. Many of the skills required to run a company only come through experience. Whether that experience goes to waste or helps a founder grow into a better leader depends on how the founder responds to negative situations.

Check out the following list of habits that bad founders never break:

1. They can’t get along with their co-founders.

Professional disagreement can be constructive; toxicity never is. Khalid Halim, an entrepreneur and startup coach, regularly deals with co-founder teams incapable of getting along. Halim believes that founders must be able to give each other constructive criticism.


Authors: John Rampton

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