Recommend A Friend

Our best advocates are existing members.

They have already experienced many of the benefits that we offer and are proud to say that they are members of Your Business Community.

By way of a little ‘thank you’, we would like to offer members a reward for recommending us to their friends and colleagues and have created our Ambassador Programme to manage this.

Open to everyone, not just YBC Premium Members, by registering here, you can access your personal link that will track anyone who clicks it back to you, so, if they join, we know you sent them.  You can add this link to your email signature, website, posts and blogs, wherever you feel your connections will see it and click.

If someone subscribes via your link, we will pay you the following

Your Membership Level Payment
Non Member  £5
Member  £20

So, start earning money new by clicking here and getting your Ambassador link.


Please note that terms and conditions apply, which are visible in the Ambassador Programme area