Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Through your membership with Your Business Community (YBC), you will meet and be introduced to other members who offer products and services which may be of use to you in your business.
  • If you purchase any product or take any advice or assistance from another member of the (YBC), this will be an arrangement purely between yourself and the other member.
  • YBC does not act as agent to introduce one member’s services to another member and does not accept any liability for products sold or advice or assistance given by one member to another member on any matter whatsoever.

Eligibility for Membership

Membership of YBC shall be limited to all people who are

  • self-employed
  • business owners and/or directors
  • business managers and decision makers
  • persons and to persons who otherwise direct or control business in the United Kingdom officers of registered charities and CIC’s

Membership of YBC is on a business basis, or, if self employed, personal.

YBC Core Benefits

  • Core Benefits are available to all Premium Members and include the Business Support & Advice Helpline, The Online Business Document Library and Business Protection Insurance
  • Availability is subject to being a fully paid up member, in the correct business size category


  • Failure to pay the correct subscription or renewal request will render you unable to use any Core Benefit or make any claim on its insurance cover
  • The date of your payment will be the date of joining YBC and future subscriptions will be due on this date each year.
  • You may upgrade or downgrade your membership or leave YBC at anytime, by visiting your Member Profile on the YBC website and ‘Unsubscribing’ or ‘Upgrading’ in the Subscriptions panel
  • Refunds of subscriptions (in part or whole) are not made if a downgrade is received after the due subscription has been paid.

Advice Given

  • YBC does not accept legal liability for any advice given to members either by other members or YBC employees or anyone purporting to act on behalf of YBC.
  • Any advice provided to members is intended as initial guidance only and should not be relied upon or acted upon as substantive advice by the member who should seek appropriate independent professional advice according to the nature of their problem.
  • This does not apply to advice given by the contracted service providers of YBC.


  • Within 7 days of applying online you will be contacted by one of our personnel with further details of our benefits and membership.
  • Full details of your membership benefits will be made available to you online and/or in printed form, if required
  • YBC reserves the right to refuse any application for membership and to refuse to accept the renewal subscription from any member. If your application is refused any subscription paid will be returned to you.