Where do you get your new clients?

Whilst YBC Premium Membership includes unlimited free advice, discounts on many business services and financial protection against things like tax investigation and employment tribunals, whenever we ask our members what they want most of all, the answer is always the same, more clients.

So, this has become our number one objective and has been very well received. If you haven’t been to any of our large scale events you should try them as they are very well attended. Anyone, member or not, can attend them but Premium Members get to exhibit for free and as soon as we launch a new event we are approached by potential exhibitors. Popularly these events include seminars and we insist that all of the presenters are members too. We also conduct a business card draw each time where lucky members get to do a 2 minute pitch to the room.Have you heard of YBC Street? It’s our own unique feature at the Business Show. Space is normally £495 per sq metre with a minimum purchase of 6 sq m. We take such a large space that we’ve negotiated the rate down to £350 and members can have as little as 1 sq m. With the organisers boasting 25 thousand attendees many members rightly see this as a fantastic opportunity.

When Premium Members are logged in to our website they are presented with the opportunity to go to our Market. This is where they can go to upload a discounted offer to fellow members. Whether you are selling or buying it’s well worth a visit.

Succeeding in business can be as easy as YBC.