YBC Applauds The Government Review Of Pensions And The Self Employed

News that a review into Auto-Enrolment is to include analysis of the retirement savings within the growing self employed sector was today welcomed by business group Your Business Community (YBC).

Welcoming the review YBC Co Founder Ted Wigzell said “The self employed sector now comprises almost 5 million people and with figures suggesting as few as 1 in 7 are saving for retirement this needs to be urgently addressed.”

“With around half of the UK’s self employed not even earning the National Living Wage and the increase in the gig economy we have been shouting that the the Government is sleepwalking into a major issue that will leave a financial crisis for future generations.” he continued.

“Both the pensions and auto enrolment issues are something that should have been addressed a long time ago and again gives more credence to our petition for a dedicated Minister to represent the interests of the self employed.”.

Note: The YBC petition to appoint a Minister for the Self Employed can be found here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/164359