Creating Awareness

Creating Awareness

Marketing isn’t everything but everything is marketing. Making your target audience aware of your business is key so, in this category, we explore ways to become more visible to potential clients from traditional methods through to digital marketing.

YBC Academy : 7 Content Tips to Maximise Your Reach on LinkedIn

Creating engaging content has become a priority for businesses as it is one of the most effective ways to educate your audience, strengthen your brand and raise your ranking on Google. It’s important for building and maintaining your brand image, as behind every great brand is a wealth of valuable and relevant content that helps connect you with your audience.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform not only for job seekers but also for entrepreneurs, marketers & content creators. Its professional and user-friendly platform is the perfect place to engage with potential customers and partners. In this short guide we will discuss the advantages of adding LinkedIn as one of your content channels and 7 handy tips to power-up your content marketing whilst making the writing process more efficient and impactful.

Understanding the advantages that content can bring to your business.

Build trust with your audience
Good content will help you build trust and a relationship with your customers, as they read your content they will start to connect with your brand. For example, if they find your content educational and valuable, they will think the same about your brand.

Drive traffic to your website
Your latest LinkedIn articles and posts can also double up as traffic generators for your website. Social media is one of the top 3 ways to generate traffic for your website, you can easily reference other content on your website or include links for viewers to “learn more”. It only takes a minute to see how many visitors your website has received from any of your social media channels in Google Analytics, giving you a deeper insight on your customer journey and letting you know how effective your content has been.

Insightful content can greatly improve your ranking on Google (SEO)
Content should never just sit on one platform… don’t forget to maximise your content by repurposing it on every channel, including your website. Informative and helpful writing will not only be noticed by your customers, Google is constantly indexing every article on the internet in the hope of giving its users the most relevant and detailed answers to their questions.

Note if you spend a little time writing with your audience in mind and remember to share it on your website and Google Business profile as well as LinkedIn then you should start ranking on search for the topics you cover.

It allows you to get to know your customers and start meaningful conversations
Content delivered through social media such as LinkedIn allows for feedback, discussion and creates 2 way conversations that are not possible through other marketing channels. Giving you a deeper insight of your audience and their views, which can help to build a stronger marketing funnel and create highly targeted content in the future.

Learn how to build your brand on LinkedIn with these 7 handy tips:

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YBC Academy : Cyber Security for Home workers

This presentation was part of the YBC Virtual Networking event – 12th February 2021

More information on the events here:

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YBC Academy : Lead Generation


Would you like more prospects to contact you when they are ready to buy? Would you like prospects to contact you before they call your competition? Wouldn’t it be great if these prospects were almost pre-sold as well?
The good news is that all of this ‘is’ more than possible.
I’m sure that you are asking yourself how, and how soon?
While it’s not really that hard to achieve, most people won’t take the time out to learn how to do it or put the effort into making it happen, which means that ‘if’ you do take the time out to learn how and put the effort in you will be in a whole different league to ‘most’ of your competitors…

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YBC Academy : LinkedIn Training

Are you a predominantly B2B business leader who is trying to build your business reputation, engage strategic network contacts and leverage potential business opportunities?
Then LinkedIn is the main social channel for you and you can start seeing results in days not weeks.

As with all social media channels, it is easy to ‘post’ – but to generate engagement with others and ultimately a return on investment from your time, effort and content requires skill and a strategic approach.

In the training course I have recorded, exclusively free (normally £150) for YBC Academy Members, I share the key techniques that I apply for my own business and my customers.
That has generated c.80% of all my B2B revenues in the last 5 years.

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YBC Academy : Marketing

What is Marketing?
A Marketing Plan is essential to prepare your marketing budget, measure effectiveness and adjust which channels you use.

The theory of marketing is often over looked resulting in disappointing results and low returns on investment. Often leaving the business owner to feel ‘it doesnʼt workʼ.
Whereas going back to basics, focussing on ‘where your customers are/ behaviours they haveʼ and creating a ‘test and learnʼ plan based upon your business objectives will provide the answers to ‘what does workʼ and ‘what doesnʼt workʼ. Meaning your investment and efforts can be placed in the right channels to attract your customers and drive up profitability.

In marketing it is totally true that you ‘cannot manage what you cannot measureʼ and ‘fail to plan, plan to failʼ are key mantras to bear in mind at all times. With a breadth of analytics, more powerful than ever before available to you to provide key customer and marketing insights, used correctly, they can boost your return on investment dramatically.

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YBC Academy : Promotional Merchandise

What is promotional merchandise – when should you use it and how can it help you create brand awareness for your product or brand.

Promotional branded merchandise is nothing new and in fact has been around since 1789 when a button was produced to celebrate George Washington becoming the first President of the United States. In 1886 Jasper Meek, a printer from Ohio, convinced a local shoe shop to supply bags with their name on to a local school and from there the promotional products industry was born. However it was not until the mid 1950’s that merchandise started to be used in corporate marketing and by the 1970’s companies really began realising the importance and benefits. During the 1990’s and 2000’s the industry continued to grow and companies have become ever more inventive with their use of branded products to support promotion of events, new products, gift giving and brand awareness.

What is branded promotional merchandise, – very simply, it is anything at all that you print your brand or company name onto and that gets you noticed.

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YBC Academy : Website Maintenance

You’ve just spent a huge amount of time and money, or just the weekend and gone for as much free stuff as possible, to build your business website and it’s looking good.

The thing is, just like your car, your business or even your own body, if you don’t look after it problems can start to arise.
When it comes to website maintenance, you have two options – do it yourself or get a company to maintain your website for you.

Besides your time, doing it yourself will cost less, but, of course, how much is your time worth, is changing the oil something you really want to be doing and have you the skillset to do it properly?

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