YBC Events Updates

Due to several requests from members, we are changing the format of our weekly newsletter and will start sending a separate events email.

We are running more and more events and, with the barrage of emails that we are all receiving every day, some members are reporting that they are missing specific updates and then missing relevant events.

Therefore, we are making some changes to the format of our newsletter and creating a new, separate, ‘Week Ahead’ email.


Our current newsletter lists the next few events in our calendar, regardless of the dates they occur.  We will now be changing this to show the latest events that have been listed, regardless of their date.

The Week Ahead

This email, sent at the beginning of the week, will list all events running in the coming in the next 7+ days.

Promote Your Event

Don’t forget that Premium Members of YBC can list their events on our calendar for free, getting exposure to the community and beyond.  Events will be included in newsletters and promoted on social media.  See here for more information.