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YBC Member, Kafoodle, In the Evening Standard

London Premium Member, Kim Antonoiu from Kafoodle Kitchen, was featured in the Evening Standard last week.

Following changes to food labelling law, Kim, and her partner, Tarryn Gorre formed Kafoodle to create trust so that we can all eat safely and to revolutionise the industry with the use of smart technology.

The Kafoodle app is designed to show allergy sufferers where they can eat safely. Essentially, restaurants upload their ingredients and dishes to the cloud-based system, before users access it via the free app.

Kim said, ”I have spent the last 30 years married to a severe allergy sufferer, Ron (who nearly died back in 2013 from an attack in a restaurant as a direct result of some wrong information from the waiting staff around the ingredients in a dish) so you can see how the opportunity to do something about the situation would appeal to me. My personal intent is to create awareness around the allergy subject and encourage the use of mobile technology in the hospitality industry to build trust so that we can ultimately all eat with confidence.”

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