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Auto Enrolment is the name for new pension legislation that requires all employers to set up a workplace pension and enrol all eligible employees into this scheme. Some workers will be obliged to contribute into the scheme at first, others will have the right to join and if they do, the employer has to contribute as well. Unless you are a sole trader or a single director company without any staff this legislation is likely to affect your business.

Each business has what is called a 'Staging Date' and this is the date when it has to have a compliant pension scheme in place. Failure to have done so will result in swingeing fines.  Even if staff members don't want a pension, many of them will have to be enrolled and can then opt out, although employers are prohibited from encouraging them to do this. Eligible staff are those aged between 22 and state pension age, earning over £10,000 per year working in the UK.

Just becoming compliant is a lengthy process (there are about 80 steps you need to take!) so don't leave it too late if you want to avoid being fined. Our benefit provider can help you set up your AE process, enrol stall, find a suitable pension, provide software that will communicate between your chosen pension and your payroll and then provide call centre advice when your administration staff have any questions.

The YBC Pensions & Auto Enrolment  benefit enables you to get your company scheme up and running in a fraction of the time and cost that most other suppliers offer.