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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 06:49

The Path to Success

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As the excitement of Christmas fades into the past most business owners' thoughts turn to what they can do to improve things going forwards. After all, the end of the year is an ideal time to reflect on the how your business has been performing and adjust things accordingly, so that you remain on the path to success

The tradition of making a New Year's Resolution is commonplace throughout the Western Hemisphere but also exists in the Eastern Hemisphere. Resolutions are normally about personal improvement such as weight loss but are often about business too. The trouble with most resolutions though is that they are totally unrealistic and thus unachievable.

So what is the key to a successful resolution?

Only make one resolution.

This will maximise your chance of success and help you focus on your objective. It is estimated that only around 10 percent of people that make resolutions achieve their target and that those that do break their aims into smaller, measurable chunks - so have a strategy rather than just relying on optimism. So, don't wait until the last minute, plan your thoughts ahead of New Year's Day and move on with a plan of action. Diarise weekly, monthly or quarterly reviews and congratulate yourself when you succeed. Revisiting your strategy more frequently will help you avoid making costly errors and help you feel more at ease and in control of things.

Most of all though, don't beat yourself up when things don't go to plan. The fact that you've recognised the error should allow you to correct your course and get back on the path to success.

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