7 Content Tips to Maximise Your Reach on LinkedIn

Creating engaging content has become a priority for businesses as it is one of the most effective ways to educate your audience, strengthen your brand and raise your ranking on […]

Accounts and Your Limited Company

Do you need a New Accountant? Limited Companies Congratulations on setting up a Limited Company! What’s next? Director’s Loan Accounts Register as an Employer Running Payroll Register for VAT Cloud […]

Anyone Can Fly A Drone

But what are they used for these days? Literally anyone can buy and fly a drone – they range from around £20 for a toy and to over£100,000+ for those […]

Being Fit for Business

Starting and running your own business is hard, rewarding, tiring, stressful, lonely, and hectic, especially in these unusual times. I am going through this myself and find our regular networking […]


Keeping correct and accurate records of the finances of your business is essential to:– Knowing who owes you money (“debtors”)– Knowing who you owe money to – suppliers, HMRC and […]

Business Plan

A Business Plan is a document that lays out in simple terms what your business is, its objectives, plans and resources. They are primarily used when raising finance and as […]

Cyber Security for Home workers

This presentation was part of the YBC Virtual Networking event – 12th February 2021 More information on the events here:

Deferred VAT Payments

Paying your deferred VAT VAT payments due between 20‌‌ ‌March and 30‌‌ ‌June 2020 that we’re deferred last year until 31‌‌ ‌March 2021. To pay now To see details of […]

Disability Awareness

Give me five! …. 5 reasons why disability awareness will improve your business Embracing disability awareness can positively impact the development of an SME in many ways – here are […]

Do You Trade On Price Or Value?

The Value PropositionDo you trade on price or on Value? I have often been described as the consummate networker. Over the years I have connected with hundreds, no thousands of […]

Do You Understand The World Of Financial Planning?

Do you understand the world of financial planning? Most people don’t, which is why I’m writing a series of blogs/Articles regarding financial planning, and our role in your business. For […]

Getting Paid

Prevention of late/non paymentIdeally we all want to be paid on time by every customer. However you can never rely upon this happening so please use our checklist as a […]