Business Development

The GROWTH Formula Unveiled – Maximising Business Potential

Are you ready to unlock your business’s full potential? In today’s dynamic business world, embracing growth is key to achieving success. With decades of experience as a growth consultant and […]

In Britain, the little guy always loses

It’s something I’ve thought about for years and I still struggle to understand why. The recent Post Office scandal is a particularly shocking example where honest, hard working, small business […]

YBC Village At The Business Show

A week ago today we were on our way to Excel to oversee the building of YBC Village at the Business Show which took place on Wednesday and Thursday. We […]

Empower Your Business Growth with LinkedIn Automation

Are you a business owner looking to drive growth through the way you use LinkedIn? In this blog, we’ll explore the different ways in which LinkedIn Automation techniques can help […]

Why bother Volunteering? Does it even help?

Is it worth volunteering now? we have a 100 Club which is for companies who want to support us and grow their business too. Why? Well these are the top […]

The River and the Rock – Navigating Change in the Professional Services Industry

The professional services industry is a complex and dynamic field that is constantly evolving. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, consultant, or any other professional, the demands of clients, changes […]

The Facts Around Tax Investigation

HMRC enquiries can be targeted or random. The average length of an enquiry is around 17 months. The average cost in accountancy fees is around £4000. In a typical investigation […]

Are You Really Listening?

Conversations, we all have them but why do some people get more from them than others? Both socially, and in a business context, the way your contribution to a conversation […]

Zoom or Face To Face?

Before the word pandemic became part of everyone’s vocabulary networking was something you did face to face in a room with lots of other people. Two years ago that just […]

Marketing Isn’t Everything But Everything Is Marketing

Marketing Isn’t Everything But Everything Is Marketing    In a business context whenever you meet someone, speak to someone on the phone, post on social media or email someone what […]

The Future of Networking

Good communication is the key to successful relationships and this is relevant both socially and professionally. For business owners these relationships often start with meetings at networking events. When encountering […]