How to sell your Spanish Property from your sofa

Choosing to stay in UK and no longer able to use your holiday home

We take a look at some of the questions to ask yourself and what actions may follow.

How involved do you wish to be, as much or as little as possible?

A hands on approach will need travelling to Spain to meet with estate agents,solicitors etc to make the necessaryarrangements.

Consider your present legal position. Do you have a legal representative in Spain to act on your behalf?

If the idea of travelling and arranging the sale is daunting or time consuming, what is the alternative? Property Overseas a specialist UK company offers a bespoke remote selling service for those who wish to avoid this.

We can arrange  for  Spanish solicitors to act as your representative or work with any solicitor you have a existing relationship with.

We faciltitate power of attorney for the owner or multiple owners of the property to allow the Spanish solicitor to act on your behalf.

Using our professional network in Spain we can source a established agent with good local knowledge and contacts combined with access to national/international digtial platforms to market your property successfully.

Once a suitable estate agent has been sourced we arrange access to provide a market valuation.

When considering agents you may wish for the contract to be viewed by a Spanish solicitor to be clear on your obligations, we can arrange this.

The property may benefit from home staging to present it in the most attractive way to prospective buyers? This can be of particular value if a property has not been visited for a period and may need some TLC.

Properties Overseas are able to project manage the whole process, covering the marketing, legal, and currency aspects to any property sale.  We use our professional network as required as cases can vary in their complexity particularly with multiple ownership spread in UK, Europe or beyond.

We can help save you the time and expense of travelling to Spain to arrange the sale of your property.

We help end the financial burden of continuing to pay the running costs of the property, such as community fees, local taxes or even a mortgage. All these costs are funded in euros not your home currency if based in the UK.

Finally, piece of mind cannot be underated. Sometimes it is the thought of the potential stress of dealing with the sale of a property makes you delay the decision even for years. We have found some older clients have delayed the decision and now feel unable to travel to Spain. At the same time do not wish to pass the burden of disposing of a overseas property to their family to resolve on thier behalf.

Properties Overseas Professional Network working with us for you as required in the UK or Spain

Notary Public   Solicitors   Estate Agents   Property Consultants  Currency Brokers

Home Staging Specialists

Tax & Wealth Management Advisers

Here are some of the people we have helped

Single or multiple owners from both the UK & Ireland.

Solicitors dealing with divorce settlements & probate etc.,

Families dealing with a inherited property

Types of properties we can help you sell

Apartments –  Villas – Country Houses – Townhouses – Commerical Property


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