Free Landline Phone Number With Free Unlimited Diverted Calls

Free virtual number and unlimited call diversions!

When starting and growing your business it is imperative that you keep costs to a minimum however, you have to ensure that you give the right impression to your clients and potential customers.

Only promoting your mobile phone number on your website, print and leaflets etc immediately gives the impression that you are a small business or a one person band. This can put people off from doing business with you. You may work from home and use your residential number for work, but what happens when the kids answer that important business call or you have a fun answering machine message? Not that professional, is it?

The ideal situation is to get a ‘proper’ landline number, but to get this via traditional routes can cost hundreds of pounds for a phone line and regular monthly line rental charges. All of this before you can even receive a call!

YBC Telecom has created a package aimed at addressing this issue, offering you a UK landline number from anywhere in the UK. When ordering your free number you simply nominate a number where you’d like the calls diverted to and there are no line rental or call diversion charges.

Having a virtual number can create the perception that your business is office based, and, if appropriate, you can even pick a number in a different part of the country to extend the reach of your business.

To apply for your free number and unlimited call diversions, when logged in, please click here or follow the link in the Benefits menu.